I think today has been my favourite day of the Festival so far! It has been jam packed with lovely people, amazing places, fun and excitement!  Read all about what we got up to below. 

Today was the Mini Mela which was postponed due to the bad weather last weekend, there were 3 different performances over the course of the day but we only had time to visit one of them.

The performance featured three Bollywood Dancers who were absolutely amazing! There was so much colour and drama in their performance and it was a delight to watch. The Mini Mela is a warm up for the main event next year which I can’t wait for, it’s going to be filled with food, music, dance, sports and much more that is all about Asian Culture.  I don’t know much about Asian culture and so I am looking forward to discover more.

There was also a performance for Focal Pointe Dance School’s Cheer Dance pupils. There was lots of talented pupils in the demonstration and they seemed to be having lots of fun. It is really great that we can showcase a wide range of talents, cultures and age groups in throughout the Festival and it something that makes me very proud to be part of the Festival. 

Our next stop was The Commandery to check out their Summer of Fun activities! I absolutely love the Commandery it is such a beautiful and interesting building that I think everyone in Worcester should visit it at some point in their lives. 

There are several stations located throughout the building that allow children to explore activities such as roller printing and messy play, each activity is linked to the history of the Commandery or to Worcester. 

Scroll through the pictures on the right to see some of the stations and some of the things Jason and I got up to on our visit. 

Next we took a quick wander around Crowngate Shopping Centre to find all of the Percy the Peacock posters! I love seeing Percy in the shop windows! Fun fact, all of the drawings of Percy were made by my friend Beth, who was staying with us during blogs 7 – 11! 

Our final visit of the day was to Perdiswell Park for the IWA Festival of Water, it was such a stunning day that we decided to walk there and back from Crowngate, goodness me it’s a long way! 

It may indeed be a long way but it was definitely worth it and walking along the canal side is very beautiful and peaceful and we saw lots of very cute tiny ducklings! 

The canal by Perdiswell Park was lined with lots of barges all decorated in their bunting flags, they looked really lovely!  
There were lots of lovely little stalls at the Festivals, including a few friendly faces from Sunday’s Tabletop Sale and from the Festival Planning Committee. It was so great to chat to them about both Festivals and share tips and tricks to help our success!

Today’s adventures takes our total up to 56 events and after all of that walking I think I might need to buy myself a foot spa! 

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