Today we decided to take things a little slower and attended only 2 events (bringing the running total to 22) but don’t let just 2 events fool you, there is still much to share about our day!

Our first event was the opening day of the Sculptures in the Gardens Exhibition at Spetchley Park Gardens.

We have been to Spetchley several times before and went to the sculpture exhibition last year which we really enjoyed so this was a definite yes for the list!

The sun shone on us as we explored the beautiful grounds and gardens of this breath taking estate. There are 97 sculptures on display in the gardens created by a range of different artists in lots of different mediums!
Be sure to scroll through the wheel of photos opposite to see some of my favourites and some of the highlights of the gardens.

The other things at Spetchley that needs a shout out is The Granary, their on-site café. With big door stop sandwiches and freshly made cakes it was the perfect little place to stop after a long morning of sculpture hunting. (And I’m always up for tea and cake!)

Our other event that we did today was the Historic Ghost Walk of Worcester.

There is so much history in our wonderful City so it’s not surprising that it is filled with stories of paranormal activity!

Now I don’t want to spoil the walk for anyone thinking of doing it by telling you any of the stories, so I shall leave you with a recommendation to do the walk and I hope that you are enjoying this year’s Festival as much as I am!

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