Welcome to the first of my 17 blogs about this year’s Worcester Festival! I am Hannah, I am the Marketing Manager for the Festival. I have worked for them for 6 years but have never really got to experience what it’s like to take part in a Festival. So armed with my camera, my partner, Jason and lots of energy we have set out on a mission to take part in as many events as we can over the next 17 days! Come along for the ride!

We started our day by hanging up Worcester Festival bunting and crossing off the first activity off our list!

Filled with excitement and anticipation we headed off to the Worcester Festival HQ, The POD in Crowngate Shopping Centre. After some organising and setting up for the day we headed to the Guildhall for the official opening of the Festival.

The Mayor of Worcester opened the Festival at 11am, his speech was filled with excitement about the Festival and he was thankful that the Festival is back and life is returning to normal.

After the Mayor opened the Festival the Sauce City Jazz Band had our toes tapping and hips swinging!

The special peal of bells rang out across the City from the Cathedral as the Worcester Ukulele Band played some classic tracks and had everyone dancing along.

It felt so wonderful to be back in the City again surrounded by the buzz and the excitement of the Festival and after the 18 months we’ve all just experienced a spot of live music in the (almost) sunshine, was the perfect tonic!

We then headed back to the POD and had our faces painted by the wonderful Funky Faces Face Painters. Jason and I have had our faces painted every year I have worked for Festival, it is one of my favourite traditions!

Then we popped to the climbing wall to see the mountaineering action! The climbing wall was only designed for little explorers thankfully as I have no head for heights! But everyone looked liked they were having lots of fun!

A little walk down to The Tudor House Museum and we discovered that there are lots of events there for the family too enjoy and you can even get a delicious ice cream or treats from the café too!

So that’s 8 events crossed off the list today. It was so lovely to see real people again and to get back to a ‘normal’ Festival! Looking forward to the next 16 days!

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