Today was a shorter day for us as we had a party to host for Jason’s 30th birthday! Even though we had a shorter day we still had plenty of Festival fun and we even have a guest from Canterbury for a few days, read all about what we got up to today here! 

Our day started inside the magnificent Guildhall where we watched a short history of Worcester in 40 minutes.. well 39, well 38… well as little as 35 minutes if the actors missed out enough!

The 3 hander production was part of the Charter 400 celebrations in the City and will be performed again in later in the year on the Charter day.
For those not in the know, the Charter was the official document granted by James I making Worcester a City and allowing us to elect mayors etc.

The production was light hearted and really funny and I felt very proud to be a citizen of Worcester, given all of the important and interesting things that have happened here. Like for example the production of world class Broad Cloth, Gloves, Pottery and (of course) Worcestershire Sauce!

Our final stop of the day was to the City Art Gallery and Museum.

There are 2 fabulous exhibitions at the Gallery at the moment, the first is about The Titanic. It has items from both the film and the real life disaster. This exhibition is really quite moving especially as there are stories connected to Worcestershire which really brings home the tragedy of the event. The event is well worth a visit and the gallery is free to enter. The exhibition finishes on the 11th September.

The other exhibition at the Gallery is all about Worcester and the history of the City. There has been an archive of thousands of photographs digitised and on display on a screen in the gallery. Its lovely to see how much the City has changed over the years… and perhaps a little sad.

Our running total is now at 27 events. I can’t believe it’s nearly a whole week since the Festival started and we are nearly half way through! 

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