We made it to the final day! It’s been a very long 17 days but really really enjoyable. Find out about our final day and some of our highlights from the last 2 and a bit weeks! 

Today we spent the day at the second ever Worcester Festival Table Top Sale. Although we were there as vendors like we were at the first one. 

It was a steady, and quieter day today, which was quite nice in all honesty as I don’t think either of us had the energy for a really manic day, its taken a lot out of us these last few weeks and I think we must have walked the equivalent of to America or somewhere ridiculous like that with all the walking we’ve done! 

We have really enjoyed the sales and hope that it something we can do again next year both as Festival organisers and vendors, although we are going to see if we can find a more central location. (But worth mentioning that RGS have been amazing and very accommodating and we are very grateful for their support!) 

A part of me can’t believe that its over already and it’s finished so fast, and although another part of me is a little glad its over and is looking forward to a rest!

Jason and I have compiled our top 5 Festival highlights and they are as followed (cue chart music!) 

5) The 5k and 2k Run – Not for the run itself, well not for me anyway, but for seeing all the families together and the lovely supportive atmosphere that the other participants created. 

4) Painting Pottery at The Museum – This was lots of fun, and I am really looking forward to them being ready to collect so we can give them as a gift. (Remember to check our social media pages to see the finished items!) 

3) Worcester Snoezelen Art Auction – Not just for the amazing pieces that were on display, but for the place itself and the wonderful people who run it. It’s a truly amazing place and I am so glad that I got to discover them. 

2) Worcester Mini Mela – This event was so much fun! It was amazing to see the high street a riot with colour, music, dancing and laughter and I am really looking forward to the full Mela next year! 

1) The Teddy Bears Picnic – This for me is what the Festival is all about, a free event for the whole family, little bit of music, little bit of magic, loads of adorable teddy bears and of course the potential for cake! 

I’ve absolutely adored taking part in the events this year and our final total was 59 events which isn’t bad going! I want to say a massive thank you to Jason for all his help and hard work during the last 17 days and a massive thank you to all of the volunteers, venues, members of the public, staff and various other people who we have met on our adventures and who have been absolutely delightful! 

2022 is The Festival’s 20th Birthday and we are planning for it to be a MASSIVE celebration of the City and of the Festival’s history so please keep an eye out for news about it! If you’ve enjoyed my blogs and would like to volunteer for next year’s Festival please email [email protected] and if you have really, REALLY enjoyed my blog or the Festival in general then please consider donating on our Just Giving Page. 

We are now off for a curry with some of our colleagues to celebrate another very successful year. Thank you all so much and I can’t wait to do it all again next year! 

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