It’s been another very successful day at the Festival today, and we’ve attended a few amazing events, read about them below!

Our first stop of the day was the Diglis Island Open Day, organised by Unlocking the Severn. There were lots of lovely members of staff around who were more than happy to chat about the project and share our enthusiasm for real life kicking off again! The island is not usually open to visitors so this was a truly unique experience and the views from the other side of the river are just beautiful! From the island you can see the new fish corridor which the organisation built. It’s a fascinating project aimed to help fish pass up the river more easily. The lady we spoke to said that they’ve tracked over 30 different species using the corridor already including otters! They are hoping to open up the corridor viewing platform in November so that visitors can hopefully spot some of these species using the fish pass.

Our next stop was to our headquarters in the POD in Crowngate Shopping Centre where the Worcester Community Trust had a workshop to make leaves and pears for the Pear Tree Project. The POD was packed with children and families making creations for the tree that’s in Worcester Cathedral, it was amazing to see the POD buzzing with activities and to see so many bright and colourful pears ready to go on the tree! We didn’t want to take up a space so we decided not to make a pear at the session but will definitely try and make one for the tree soon!

We also took part in a digital event today. And watched David Birtwhistle’s videos on how to create a masterpiece. In the first of his videos (all about sketching and working on site) he is at Diglis lock and the scene that he creates is truly beautiful. I’m so jealous of anyone that can paint or draw like that. After watching all 3 videos I have learnt all lot about the way David creates a masterpiece and some great tips… but I don’t think I’ll be producing any masterpieces any time soon, I’ll stick to marketing for now!

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