After a really busy weekend (and a busy week) we decided to take it nice and slow today. See what we got up to on our chilled out day below! 

Today we visited the lovely Poppy’s Farm at St. Peter’s Garden Centre. Even though I am a frequent visitor to the garden centre (although my fingers are not very green) I’ve never been to Poppy’s Farm before and so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

There are 2 lovely places to eat on the site, one which is Sweet Treats, which do delicious ice creams and waffles and other sweet treats, and the other is The Potting Shed, a little waterside café that serves lovely cakes, sandwiches and a variety of drinks. We stopped for a cup of tea and cake after we explored the site. (You know I love a bit of tea and cake!)


On Poppy’s Farm there are chickens and goats (and very soon hopefully pigs!). The goats were a little allusive when we got there hiding in their shed. But the chickens were happily going about their pecking, cleaning and clucking. 

After a walk round the site and the tea and cake stop the goats finally decided to show us their faces, but only for a little while, I can see why they say don’t work with children or animals!  

The rest of the site is a nature reserve that is dedicated to help and encouraging wildlife and provides handy hints as to how you can go the same in your garden.

There are also little play yurts for the children to enjoy (or the big kids!) and activity sheets available for little ones too. It’s a really beautiful little space that is very tranquil and pretty. The site is still quite new (less than a year old) so I am looking forward to go back there when its more matured and established and with maybe even more added! 

We also did the Worcester City Quiz Trail today. I’m not going to post any photos from that as I don’t want to give away any answers! But we really enjoyed a little wonder around Worcester, (thankfully it was dry this time!) and the quiz was a nice way of showing Beth some of the interesting and historic places in Worcester, all while having some fun! 

Our little outing today takes us to 34 events! 

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