We have been so very busy today! We spent the day exploring and seeing all of the Big Parade Elephants. We also did the Cathedral Stonemasons tour and took part in the grand finale of the Battle of the Boozers Quiz, see how we got on below.

Firstly we popped to Queen Elizabeth House for the open day and had a quick look around, it is a building that I know very well as it is the headquarters for the Festival! But Jason and my mum (who also joined us for the day) don’t know the building very well.

The building is a beautiful one and is allegedly where Queen Elizabeth I addressed the population of Worcester when she visited. The building was also moved by the Victorians from over the road which is just fascinating!

Most of our day was spent following the Big Parade Trail around the City to spot all of the beautiful elephants.

We enjoyed the trail so much in 2018 and so this was another event that was really high on our list.

There are some truly beautiful elephants on the trail and pictured below are some of our favourites. We also popped into the Big Parade Shop and I brought a pin badge to add to my collection!

We also purchased a bee ornament for the St. Richard’s Hospice Celebration Garden, the money that we donated for this will go to support the amazing work that the hospice do. The celebration garden is at The Hive until the 2nd September, and is a really lovely sight to see all the little sculptures buzzing around in the breeze.

We also took part in the Stonemasons tour today. It was really fascinating to hear about the conservation and preservation work that the stonemasons do at the Cathedral and how delicate and pain staking the process is. I find it really interesting that all the work is carried out by using traditional tools and they rarely use power tools. It is definitely not something I would have the patience to do! 

Our final stop of the day was at the Guildhall for the Battle of the Boozers Grand Final! 

This evening was a quiz all about the City of Worcester and its history. The event was lots of fun and our little Worcester Festival team came 4th (out of 6) which I think is very respectable!