Today we spent the day learning about our wonderful City. Read all about our day here.


Our first stop today was the Guildhall for a Blue Plaque Walk. With aching legs from yesterday we soldiered on around the City to see all the sites of all the wonderful people who have made this City so great.

I was particularly fascinated to learn about Elgar and his family. To think of him wondering the streets of Worcester over a hundred years ago and working in his dad’s music shop was a magical thought. 
I also found out a fun fact that the building that is now the Cornish Bakehouse shop was the place where the first bottle of Worcestershire Sauce was made! It is not a sauce I have ever taken to, but still a great fact. 

After a quick lunch stop we headed to Worcester Cathedral.

I have really been looking forward to taking some of the tours at the Cathedral as I haven’t managed to do them before.

First we did the Cathedral Grounds and Gardens Tour, although the weather was a little grey and miserable it didn’t spoil the tour. Our guide was lovely and filled with knowledge. It was fascinating to see some of the areas that are not usually open to the public, my particular favourite was the Dean’s gardens which are filled with fruit trees and left a little wild for the bees and wildlife as that is the way the Dean prefers and I agree!

After the Grounds and Gardens tour we did the Guided Tour of the inside of the Cathedral. The building is just so stunning and it never fails to impress me whenever I visit! Our guide showed us all of the people and features of the building that are significate and told us lots of interesting facts. I find it particularly fascinating to think about how much the Cathedral has changed over the centuries and the bits that have been added, knocked down and restored.

While we were in the Cathedral we saw the beautiful exhibition entitled The Leaves of the Trees. The 1000 steel leaves that are tumbling down the alter and floor of the Lady Chapel was stunning to see. Each leaf is a moment of contemplation for those who have lost their lives throughout the pandemic.

It’s been a really fascinating day today and I have learnt so much about the City and the Cathedral. If you have never been inside of the Cathedral, you must go!
The guides who do the Blue Plaque Walks are wonderful too – you can find more information at The Tourist Information Centre.

Today brings the total number of events that we have done to 15 events!

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