Today we have been buzzing with excitement and creativity! We spent the day at The Museum of Royal Worcester and The Buzz! Read all about our adventures below!

We started the day by painting our own pottery at The Museum of Royal Worcester. There were lots of different objects to choose from including photo frames, statues of animals, mugs and plates. Both Jason and I decided to decorate a bowl as a gift for people. 

We spent quite a few hours mapping out the design and then painting our masterpieces, so apologises to the staff for being there for so long and clearly taking things far too seriously again!  

I wont post any photos of our creations in case the recipients are reading this blog, but when they are fired and ready to collect I shall post photos on social media so make sure you’re following us to see them! 

The creative space at the museum is really lovely, bright and open with some fantastic pieces of pottery surrounding it… which sort of put our work to shame! Neither the less it was a pleasure to work in the space and lovely to see it busy with people of all ages joining in the fun.

When you pre-book to paint your own pottery it includes entry to the Museum. I have never been to the Museum before even though I have lived in Worcestershire for over half of my life! I’m also secretly a bit of a fan of pottery and love a good dinner service or ornamental bowl.

The Museum consists of hundreds of pieces of pottery that have all been created here in Worcester.
They currently have an exhibition which focuses on Botanical Treasures and the links between nature and pottery. Some of the drawings they have on display and the pieces that feature botanical designs are beautiful and it’s easy to see why they compiled this exhibition.

I was blown away by the level of detail that went into every pot, plate or bizarre vase that was on display and it made me rather upset that the factory doesn’t exist anymore. It’s such a stunning craft that we have almost completely lost in this country.

Our final stop for the day was to The Buzz, an inflatable adventure assault course suitable for all the family! Think Gladiators and Total Wipe Out, but far less violent!

We took a little group of friends with us to join in the fun, each session is an hour long and for the last half of our session we were the only ones there which was even more fun! A special shout out goes to the staff who were all very lovely and helpful and made the whole experience just that little bit more brilliant.

My highlight of the experience has to be the slides, the trousers I had on made me go super fast down the slide and it made me feel like a kid again!

The course has plenty of fun challenging sections like beams and balls (not as massive as the total wipe out ones but similar vibe!) and it was hilarious to watch each other fall off them!
What we all very quickly realised after about 15 minutes is we are a group of 30 (or very nearly 30) somethings and we are no where near as fit or fast as we used to be!

It’s highly recommended no matter what age you are and especially for the little ones with far more energy than us! It’s definitely time for bed now after all that excitement… someone hand me my pipe and slippers!

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