It’s day two of the Worcester Festival already! It has been a very tiring day today but very enjoyable! See what we have been up to. 

Today was the first ever Worcester Festival 2k and 5k run! Diglis playing field was buzzing before the races started. I have never been to a running event before as I’m not really into running, but I was really surprised at how friendly and supportive everyone was, there were people of all ages and fitness ranges there which was so lovely and made me feel more at ease!

After the amazing 5k runners crossed the finished line, we were up to run the 2k. Now I confess I have never seen the appeal with running and don’t have the best fitness and so we walk/ran the race! It was a little tough but we did it, we made it across the finish line and got a medal (which was a big incentive for entering)! I’m quietly pleased that we weren’t the last to cross the line especially considering we’ve never done anything like this before.
I’m glad that I entered the race and got my medal but I don’t think I will be taking up running anytime soon!

After a quick bacon roll stop we ventured into town to see what was happening at this year’s Worcester Show. 

It was so lovely to see the show back as it is a fabulous addition to the Festival and a great event for the City. There was so much to see at the Show this year, lots of wonderful craft stalls, charity stalls, and competition entries. A particular mention has to go to Three Bears Bakery from who we brought some absolutely delicious browines, blondies and cookie from, heaven on a plate!

There were lots of wonderful entries into the craft competitions and flower competitions (although the tent was closed for judging while we were there so we had to peek through the window). As a creative crafter and baker I think I might be tempted to enter a few entries in the show next year as that’s something I have never done before. 

On our final stop of the day we headed to Cripplegate Park to the Pop-up Café, the wonderful Worcester Ukulele Club were in the park keeping folks entertained as they sipped their tea and munched on their ice creams and cakes. The atmosphere in the park was so lovely and the sun even appeared for a little while! 

That is another 3 events ticked off the list today, bringing the total to 11 events so far. I am very exhausted now after such a busy day, but I am so proud that I attended my first ever race and got to go to 2 other brilliant community events. Now for a relaxing evening ready to start all over again tomorrow! 

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