Worcester Festival Needs You!

Do you fancy being a part of the Worcester Festival? Looking for some fun and worthwhile work experience? The Worcester Festival wouldn’t be possible without a fantastic team of volunteers, whose contribution is invaluable to the smooth running of the Festival, and whose great humour, sense of fun and enthusiasm add so much to the whole Festival atmosphere. We are always desperate to get as many volunteers on board as possible, and would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved. Whether it be distributing flyers and brochures, giving out balloons, taking photographs, accompanying Percy the Peacock, or collecting money for charity, it’s a great way to experience the vast and diverse array of Festival events, and a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, gain work experience and ensure a fun-filled summer holiday! Call our Operations Manager Mik Symonds on 01905 726969 or email [email protected] for more information.



The Worcester Festival – Events, Activities & Fun for Everyone

The overall vision for the Worcester Festival remains the same each year, and our Mission Statement has remained unchanged since the Festival was first launched over a decade ago. Here it is:

“The Worcester Festival is not a music festival, nor indeed an arts festival, but just… a festival. The Festival is for the people of Worcester and its surrounds. It is a series of partnerships between large cross sections of the community, and an umbrella for a huge range of activities. It is a coming together of people of all ages. It is an opportunity to stage an event, or to attend a large selection of both professional and community events. It is a celebration of life, and of Worcester and its people.”

The Worcester Festival is made up of events and activities that are programmed by Worcester Live, plus events organised by other individuals and organisations, which are registered with the Festival. Click here for details on how to register your own event.


The Worcester Festival is organised and operated by Worcester Live Charitable Trust, an independent company that runs the Swan Theatre, Huntingdon Hall and Henry Sandon Hall. Worcester Live also runs the annual Worcester Rep. at the Commandery and, since 2012, the annual Worcester Rep. at the Cathedral.



The Festival runs over three weekends in August, (and throughout the two weeks in between), and although it starts on a different date each year it always ends on the August Bank Holiday Monday, culminating in the most fantastic fireworks display.

Since the first Worcester Festival back in 2003, the Festival has grown year on year, in terms of the number of events, the number of venues involved and the number of people enjoying those events.