Organising an Event

Before your event can be made part of the Festival, you will need to complete the Registration Form, and either submit it electronically, or print it out and return it by post.

Please note that in order for your event to be printed in the Worcester Festival brochure, it must be registered, and all relevant details received, in advance of the Event Registration Deadline. It will still be possible to register an event after this deadline, and for the event to be listed on the Worcester Festival website, but it will not appear in the printed brochure.

It is important that you are aware of the details surrounding events and how they operate within the structure of the Festival, as well as the terms and conditions of participation. All of the information is available in this section of the website.

Please ensure that you read all of the information in this section before submitting the Registration Form. Once your form is submitted you will be committed to being part of the Worcester Festival, and will not be able to cancel your event without consulting the Festival Director.

It is now completely free to register an event as part of the Worcester Festival, and a great opportunity to benefit from a whole range of publicity.

However, for ticketed events you will pay a 10% commission on all tickets sold through the box office. This covers the cost of the ticket printing and all administration.

Registration form (incorporating Venue Information)

Should you require a hard copy of the Registration Form, please contact the Festival Administrator on [email protected] or call 01905 611427

Marketing your Event

1. Make a Plan

  • Objectives – How many tickets to sell, and at what price?
  • Activities – Make a plan of potential marketing activities
  • Budgets – Allocate marketing budget, assign realistic amounts to activities, plus contingency
  • Timescales and Deadlines – Working to a schedule gives more chance of success

2. Letting People Know

  • Think about the audience from the outset (price, times etc.)
  • Make sure the RIGHT people know about your event
  • Tailor your promotion to the audience you want to attract
  • Think about their age, level of expertise, demographic, interests etc.

3. Information – Be clear about the details on all publicity

  • Where and when – the location, date and time of the event
  • What it’s all about (think about the audience)
  • How much it costs – are there any incentives like group booking discounts or concessions?
  • How to get more information
  • How to get a ticket
  • Other information (what to bring, wear, etc.)

4. Publicity Material

  • Appealing, Professional & Functional
  • Good quality photographs and artwork
  • Good quality design – is it worth paying a professional?
  • Clear information – the main objective!
  • Branding – please put the Worcester Festival Logo on your publicity material (download here)

5. Promotion ideas

  • Leaflets & Posters

> Print as many as you can afford
> Distribution: Shops, cafés, restaurants, community centres, hotels, pubs, leisure outlets, hairdressers etc.

  • Press and radio coverage

> Find out who the best contact is and build a relationship
> Press Releases – The Golden Rules!

  • Include the vital info in bold:
  • Name of event, date, time, price, venue, booking telephone number and press contact details
  • Brand your release as a Worcester Festival event
  • Eye-catching headline and image
  • First sentence should be snappy, interesting and factual
  • No longer than one side of A4
  • Use quotes from reviews and interviews with artists or organisers
  • Write your press release in a style that you would expect of a newspaper article
  • Submit to free listings and guides
  • Word of Mouth

> Get people talking about your event – give free press tickets, organise VIP events etc.

  • Reciprocal Arrangements & Sponsorship

> Join up with other events, businesses or organisations

  • Advertising

>Identify potential advertising opportunities – newspapers, magazines, radio, newsletters, billboards etc.
> Check that the cost of any advertising is viable by working it out as a cost per person, or by calculating how many tickets you would need to sell to make the money back

  • Mailings

> Do you own a list of past customers or can you get hold of one
> Are they the right people?

  • Banners

> Think about where they could be displayed legally!

  • E-Marketing

> Website:
> Link own website to the Festival site
> Look out for websites with free events listings
> E-mails and e-flyers – Start capturing e-mail addresses for your audience (run competitions, organise questionnaires etc.)

6. Help from Worcester Live

  • Entry in the brochure and on website
  • Design and print contacts if required
  • Press list available
  • Marketing advice
  • Remember – publicising your event is your responsibility!
  • Marketing Department Contact: Gemma Martyn Smith, 01905 726969, [email protected]

Remember – ultimately, publicising your event is your responsibility!

Selling tickets for your Event

The Box Office for all events during the Festival is Huntingdon Hall, Crowngate, Worcester – Telephone: 01905 611427.

Box Office hours are 10am-5pm, Monday – Saturday, and during the Festival 11am-3pm on Sundays, but the Box Office will also be open in the evenings when there is an event on at Huntingdon Hall. We take most credit and debit cards (not Diners or American Express). You must sell tickets through us, although any tickets to be sold on the door on the day of the event should be both provided and sold by you – these tickets will not be subject to commission. It is your responsibility to arrange to pick up your advance-sale tickets from Worcester Live – liaison with the Box Office is essential.

If you have an evening event and there is a ticket problem, for example, someone says they have bought a ticket in advance, and it is not there, please telephone the Box Office in the first instance. If it is outside of the Box Office opening hours, please take the booking customer’s name and postcode in order that the Box Office can investigate the situation within opening hours.

Huntingdon Hall will take a 10% commission on all tickets sold. This covers the cost of the ticket printing, the credit card charge and all administration. Please consider whether you need to increase your ticket price in order to absorb this.

Your ticket money will be paid out within 7 days of the final day of the Festival, with a full statement and with the commission deducted. You will not be able to take money in instalments before the event, except in exceptional circumstances and by arrangement with the Administration Director of Worcester Live.

Where tickets for an event are not free of charge, organisers may choose to offer concessions. Concessions usually apply to retired over 60s, students and the unwaged. Children under 16 are normally admitted free with an adult ticket, but if not, they should also be concessions – you need to let us know your specific policy. Most Festival events are unreserved – you will need to talk to us if you want numbered seating.

Before we put your tickets on sale, you need to submit your Registration Form. We will not put your event on sale or in the Festival Brochure until we have received that form.

If you have any enquiries, please contact the Festival Administrator on [email protected] or telephone 01905 611427.

Terms and Conditions

If you are putting on an event, you must carry Public Liability Insurance of at least £5 million. The Festival does not cover insurance on your behalf.

If you are staging a musical event and somebody who died less than 70 years ago composed any of the music, you have to pay Performing Rights, at either 3% of your Gross Box Office or a minimum of £25. The Performing Rights for Festivals Helpline is 0845 300 6033.

If you are staging a public performance in a venue you may need an entertainment license. The venue will probably have one, but you will need to check with them.

You have to find your own venue for your event. Also, you have to staff it on the night, i.e. run a Box Office, provide stewards if necessary, etc. We may be able to help put you in touch with venues but ultimately it is your responsibility to secure a venue.

All participants must fill in a registration form with full details for each event. This will be taken as final information and cannot be changed once the brochure has gone to print.

Worcester Live produces a full colour Festival Event Guide, and prints 20,000 copies for distribution. In order to appear in this printed guide, you must submit a Registration Form for your event by the specified Event Registration Deadline (please see the Registration Form for details). We cannot guarantee to include photos in the Event Guide, but will do our best. Only sponsors’ logos will be included.

You are responsible for marketing your own event, but the general Festival marketing will support your event. Please use the Festival logo (click here to download festival logo) on all of your marketing material, including programmes and any advertising. It is compulsory that you do so if your event is part of the Festival. If you have a website, please link it to the Festival website once tickets are on sale ( Please be as honest and informative as possible in your copy for the brochure.

For every event where there is a charge for tickets, we must be allowed to have tickets on sale in the Festival Box Office at 10% commission. We will not supply you with printed tickets, but you can sell your own tickets, and will need to do so on the night of the event if there is capacity. (Use a raffle ticket or something similar on the night to save money.)

Your ticket settlement from Worcester Live will be within 7 working days from the last date of the Festival. Cheques will be sent out by post. If you have more than one event, we will give you a breakdown of the various events, but issue one cheque per organisation.

You must make yourself aware of the Event Registration Deadline, which will be published on the website and appears at the top of the Registration Form. It may be possible to register an event after this, and for the event to be listed on the Festival website, but it will not be included in the Festival Brochure.

Once the brochure has gone to print, no event should be cancelled for any reason without first consulting the Festival Director. If an event that is listed in the brochure is cancelled, then you must arrange for someone to be at the venue for half an hour before and after the start time to deal with any ‘walk-up’ customers.